Highly subsidized services for businesses who cannot pay due to financial difficulties

Many small businesses have a wide range of legal issues. VakilHelp network Lawyers will assist small businesses with various legal matters that these entities face. VakilHelp network Lawyers will advise clients in the start-up of their business and assist in preparing necessary legal documents.


Services Offered through the Clinic

The VakilHelp Small Business Clinic and its VakilHelp network Lawyers offer the following services: Start-up Services for Non-Profit Organizations Start-up Services for Small Businesses Counseling on Type of Entity to Form Counseling on Organization Structure and Operation Assist in preparing documents to form a Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, Corporation, or Partnership Assist in applying for Tax-Exempt Status for Non-Profit Corporations Business Licensing Issues Reviewing leases and other contracts Counseling on Business Plans Counseling on Compliance with state, local and federal law Review of legal documents used by the small business or non-profit organization Reviewing tax issues Negotiating Contracts Copyright and Trademark Applications


The Client’s Role

The VakilHelp Small Business Clinic requires all prospective clients to come to the Clinic for an initial interview. Prior to an interview, the prospective client must complete an initial application. After we review the initial application, if we determine that the case meets our requirements, we will call the client to schedule the initial interview. The application must be completed before the client can be considered or scheduled for an interview. The application can be found here. The prospective client can fax or mail the the application to 8505999819, or mail it. The VakilHelp Small Business Clinic cannot accept all clients. Decisions to accept clients are based on a number of factors such as the complexity of the case, the case load of the Clinic, and whether we can properly assist the client. All applications will be reviewed and the prospective client will be advised of our decision. After the initial interview, the Director of the VakilHelp Small Business Clinic, in consultation with the attorney who conducted the interview, will make a decision as to whether the client can be accepted. A prospective client will be notified by telephone or mail whether the client has been accepted or declined. Once a case has been accepted, the client will be requested to complete a detailed application to assist us in representing the client. The client will also be required to enter into an engagement agreement with the VakilHelp Small Business Clinic. The client is expected to pay all costs in connection with the filing of any documents on behalf of the client and any expenses incurred by the VakilHelp Small Business Clinic. The client will be charged an administrative fee of Rs.5000/. The client is expected to review all drafts of documents presented to the client and return those to the attorney in a timely manner. The client is also expected to attend necessary meetings with the attorney and to communicate with the attorney. We reserve the right to terminate any relationship where we determine that the client is not cooperating with the attorney. We only represent clients who cannot pay legal fees for the services they are seeking with respect to business transactions. If a prospective client can pay for an attorney, we will not be able to represent the client. We require all of our clients to have a business plan when they are accepted as a client, or within two weeks after acceptance. We do not give legal advice or answer questions unless the person seeking advice is a client that has been accepted by one of the network lawyers through the VakilHelp Small Business Clinic.