High Performance Legal Counsel for Businesses

Probably you may just need a few high powered legal counsel days in a year to keep your business protected.

The business lawyers in the VakilHelp™ Network will provide your company with the General Counsel Services that you need.  VakilHelp™ HPGLC service can cover several unrelated matters or it may be focused on a particular problem or general area of concern.  You get to choose.  To make this easy for you, we have described below the most popular service options that are taken by our clients.  Just choose the one that best describes your needs.




  • Design your own VakilHelp™ Day
  • Analysis and review of those most immediate problems that are keeping you awake at night

During the day, we all are very busy, focused on sales and operations, but at night, when our lives slow down a bit, the Business Demons come out.  Many owners of small businesses and startups have different kinds of issues that cause them to “bolt upright” in the middle of the night and prevent them from falling back to sleep.  Often, they are unrelated problems, such as a problem employee, a delinquent account, a difficult lease renewal, a cash flow crunch, a lawyer letter, an impending loan default, a harassment claim, a non-performing vendor, a lawsuit or any of the other countless critical issues that small business owners must address.  Legal Triage is our process of working with you to prioritize and address your most pressing legal problems, analyzing the nature and intensity of the problems, and providing you with choices for solving them. We will nail your biggest issues and confront those Business Demons head-on.  It’s time for you to get a good night’s sleep.



  • Compliance with loans and other contracts
  • Compliance with governmental regulations
  • Compliance with corporate/LLC formalities

Many small business owners are so focused on and consumed by their sales, operations and survival that they overlook or neglect compliance with the details of their loans, corporate paperwork and governmental regulations.  Most business loans have periodic reporting requirements and notification obligations.  These are specified in your loan documents and neglecting them can be grounds for default.  Corporations and LLCs must file annual reports with the government and may have obligations for annual meetings and reports to other co-owners.  Failure to file with the government may cost you penalties for late filing or, even worse, can cause dissolution of your entity or loss of your corporate name, and the absence of reporting to or having meetings with your co-owners can be a breach of your fiduciary obligations.  When you loan money or other assets to your business, these must be properly documented so that you obtain the full tax benefit from them.  In addition, you may have other reporting or compliance obligations based upon your special governmental status as a small business, minority business or other special status, or you may have special reporting or compliance obligations arising from governmental contracting.  The small business lawyers at VakilHelp™ have broad experience dealing with corporate compliance and reporting.  We will ensure that your business is fully compliant and up to date, and we will leave you with the template forms so that you can maintain compliance by yourself in the future.



  • Review, analyze and explain your loan, lease, construction or other “oversized” agreements
  • Learn which terms should be negotiable, what to try to negotiate and what cannot be negotiated
  • Develop negotiation strategies

Someone has handed you a mega-contract.  How many trees died for this?  It looks like it’s all technical legalese and it’s daunting.  You thought this was a simple matter; how did it get so complicated?  Perhaps it’s a joint venture or partnership agreement, franchise agreement, commercial lease, loan documents, or a construction contract with general conditions.  You want to know what it all means and what you can and should negotiate.  VakilHelp™ can help.  We will sit with you to understand the basic deal that you think you made, and we will make sure that the deal is embedded in the paperwork.  We will review the paperwork in its entirety and make sure that you understand the deal that you are getting into, especially any obligations that you had not anticipated.  We will arm you with the knowledge of what should be negotiable, what to try to negotiate and what likely cannot be negotiated.  At the end of the day, you will fully understand your contract rights and obligations.  You will never again look at a contract quite the same way.



  • Resolve pre-lawyer disputes with your customers or vendors
  • Develop collection policies and procedures to track receivables and get paid on time
  • Revise standard contracts to minimize possibilities of future disputes

You have an unhappy vendor or customer.  No lawyers are yet involved.  But, you are getting phone calls and/or letters that you are not returning and are trying to ignore.  You know the problem is not going to go away and needs to be addressed.  It’s starting to keep you awake at night.  Or, perhaps you are the one who is making the phone calls and sending the letters and you are being ignored.  You need a VakilHelp™ Day.  We will review the situation in detail, develop a common understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your position, and create a strategy for resolving the problem.  We even can start the resolution process with your communication to the other party.  If the matter cannot be fully resolved in the Day, you will be educated and empowered to finish the settlement, and you will have a framework for dealing with similar types of problems in the future.



  • Respond to a Lawyer Letter
  • Case analysis and assessment
  • Mediation/arbitration
  • Strategies for litigation avoidance
  • Settlement Analysis
  • Assistance in procuring and managing cost-effective outside counsel, when necessary

You know you’ve had a problem with a vendor, customer, employee or other relationship, but you thought you had it under control (or perhaps you were just ignoring it and thought it would go away).  Suddenly, you’ve received a letter from a lawyer with a demand.  Or, perhaps you’ve received a letter from a government agency.  Even worse, perhaps you have received notice that you have been sued.   These are matters that you cannot ignore, and the sooner you contact us the more options we will have to help you.  Our general philosophy is that small businesses cannot afford to have these kinds of problems, as they divert your critical monetary resources, human resources and mental energy from your principal business goals.  Our experience is that, as often as not, fighting these kinds of problems is counterproductive in every sense.  So, you need to develop a strategy to make the problem go away as soon as possible.  On your VakilHelp™ Day, we will review in detail the facts and circumstances that led to the problem.  We will examine the underlying contracts, correspondence and other documents and evaluate and candidly inform you of the strengths and weaknesses of your position.  We will discuss your options for dealing with the problem and develop a strategy for implementing the option that you choose.  Our goal is simple: to make that problem go away as quickly and inexpensively as possible, so that you can get back to business.


H.R. Day

  • Build an Employee Manual
  • Develop employee policies that are tailored to your company
  • Draft standard employee agreements that protect your company’s secrets and other business interests
  • Ensure you are in compliance with state and federal compensation and benefits laws
  • Learn how to manage and discipline problem employees
  • Address harassment/discrimination claims and potential claims

Your small business has – or is about to have – employees (or Independent Contractors that act like employees).  Day-in/day-out, employee issues can be the biggest headaches in your small business.  Do you know what types of questions you can legally ask – and, more importantly, cannot legally ask – in interviews and on employment applications?  Have your employees signed contracts that protect your business secrets and other business interests?  Are you in compliance with the state and federal compensation/benefits laws?  Do you know the rules governing unpaid interns?  Are you in compliance with the Independent Contractor laws?  Are your employment policies (paid time off, benefits, etc.) in writing?  Do you have an Employee Manual?  Are you in compliance with data security, medical privacy, medical insurance and other laws?  Do you have “problem” employees that are making you crazy and you don’t know what to do about them?  The small business lawyers at DailyGC™ have extensive experience in dealing with these matters and all other types of employee issues.  We will spend a day with you to solve your most pressing personnel problems and to review your compensation, benefits and other policies and procedures to ensure that you are in compliance with the myriad of local, state and federal employment laws.  We can help you to build an employee manual.  We can conduct a discrimination/harassment investigation or lead a discrimination/harassment seminar for your employees.  If you have employee questions and problems, we have the answers and solutions.




  • Create your business entity
  • Develop recruiting and hiring practices that will attract and retain the best and the brightest
  • Write formal agreements between co-owners
  • Develop initial contract forms, employee agreements
    and policies

You have a new business or a new business idea.  Perhaps you need a business structure; will it be a corporation, an LLC or something else?  We will help you to choose and create the formal entity and provide you with all of the necessary paperwork, by-laws, operating agreements, partnerships agreements, votes, etc.  Or perhaps you already have a business structure but you need help in developing basic contract forms, hiring practices, basic employee contracts and policies, an office lease, or other common issues that new businesses bring to their lawyers.  If this sounds like you, then this is your VakilHelp™ Day.