Basic Legal Plan

Enhanced Legal Plan

Pro Legal Plan

Initial phone consultation for each new legal matter 3/mon 5/pm 10/pm
Writing of LETTERS like demand letters, Cease and desist or other letters one letter per legal matter with no limit on the number of legal matters one letter per legal matter with no limit on the number of legal matters one letter per legal matter with no limit on the number of legal matters
Phone calls on your behalf one all per legal matter with no limit on the number of legal matters one all per legal matter with no limit on the number of legal matters one all per legal matter with no limit on the number of legal matters
Legal Document Draft 3/year 5/year 10/year
Get your documents reviewed by local attorneys 1/mon 2/mon 3/mon
Initial face-to-face consultation for each new legal matter (no time limit) 3/year 5/year 10/year
Legal research and preparation of legal opinions x x 2/year
Review and revision of contracts, loans, and other legal documents x 1/year 2/year
Review and analysis of your governing documents, including Declaration,

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and Rules and Regulations

x 1/year 2/year
Drafting of Declaration/Bylaws Amendments and Rules and Regulations x 1/year 2/year
Preparation of correspondence to third parties in dispute x 1/year 2/year
writing or reviewing contracts, leases, other documents, x 1/year 2/year
assistance with employee issues,research on specific legal matters x 1/year 2/year
negotiation or court time. x 1/year 2/year
Guaranteed call or email returns within two full business day. within one full business day. within 3 hours
24/7 Emergency Legal Assistance

After-hours legal consultation for covered legal emergencies such as: if you’re arrested or detained, if you’re seriously injured, if you’re served with a warrant.

1/year 3/year 5/year
Legal representation in court and other hearings

Legal Representation in Courts and Other Hearings is for general specific cases, listed in the contract agreement.

75 hours of attorney time [17.5 hours of pre-trial time + 57.5 hours of trial time] 75 hours of attorney time [17.5 hours of pre-trial time + 57.5 hours of trial time] 75 hours of attorney time [17.5 hours of pre-trial time + 57.5 hours of trial time]

**Some restrictions apply.Excludes shipping and filing fees, third-party products, legal forms and subscription plans.
* All packages require a one-time Initiation Fee of Rs.1000.
* Clients must agree for a minimum of one year service agreement.
* Your membership covers your business only.
* vakilhelp cannot provide any legal services until payment of the retainer and other costs have been made. If you need representation in court, you must notify your Provider Law Firm at least ten business days in advance so they may prepare for your case
* You can customize your Legal Retainer Program to meet your specific needs by selecting the level of service that is right for your business.
* If one of our packages do not fit your business needs, call us today and we will help customize a plan that is perfect for you.
** Your pre-trial hours are those hours when your attorney is researching and preparing for your case. So these hours can be crucial to the outcome of your lawsuit.
*** Attorneys will make Calls and Send Letters on your behalf When deemed appropriate by your plan attorney
***** Excludes Out-of-Pocket expenses and costs including court fees and other costs are not included as part of membership benefits. these costs include, shipping, TRAVEL, LOCAL TRANSPORT, PRINTING AND STATIONERY, POSTAGE AND COURIER, COURT FEE AND OTHER COURT COSTS, FINES, PENALTIES, BONDS, BAIL BONDS, third-party products, subscription plans.and any out-of-pocket expenses.

To Order Call:+91-8505 999 819 or give us a missed call at 0 407 1011 401

Attorney Consultations

Set up your attorney consultation on a range of business, intellectual property and personal issues. Each legal matter must be unique. Regular attorney consultations last 30 minutes; the annual legal checkup lasts two hours.

Business startup and general business matters

  • Business formation
  • Corporate ownership and shares
  • Business management
  • Issuing stock
  • What kind of structure is right for you
  • Regulatory issues
  • Business licenses
  • Insurance
  • Liability protection
  • Collections
  • Employees: Termination, employment agreements, compensation disputes
  • Real estate: Landlord/tenant, property issues

Intellectual property matters

  • What kind of intellectual property protection is right for your work
  • Proper use of registered trademarks and copyrighted works
  • Copyright or trademark issues
  • Copyright and trademark infringement

General personal legal matters

  • Personal: Personal injury, property damage, criminal defense
  • Family: Marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, child support
  • Financial: Bankruptcy, contracts, legal agreements, lawsuits
  • Real estate: home sales, landlord/tenant issues
  • Employment: Termination, employment agreements, compensation disputes
  • Estate Planning: Wills, trusts

Annual Legal Checkup

  • In-depth, two-hour annual legal checkup by an attorney to assess any legal gaps in your business or update previous recommendations
  • Guidance on any changes of circumstance or in the law that may affect your documents
  • Attorney advice and guidance on what steps to take to revise your documents or legal strategies

Tax Advice

As a legal plan member, you have access to tax advice from tax professionals through our business partner

  • Ask questions and get tax advice on an unlimited number of new tax-related matters for up to 30 minutes each phone call
  • For additional work, you get an exclusive 20% discount on services including tax planning and preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services

Custom Attorney Drafted Legal Documents

For a low, flat fee, have your plan attorney custom-draft a legal document.

Legal Document Review

Any business contract, agreement or other legal document up to 10 pages in length (for longer documents
Choose from a wide selection of stock legal documents specific to your business. Download as often as you want . If you do not find a form that you may need, pl mail us at legaldocs@vakilhelp.com

Additional Benefits

Take advantage of valuable savings on other legal documents and additional attorney services.

Save 10% on any VakilHelp legal document*

Including LLC, corporation, trademark, living trust, last will and more

Save 25% on any other service provided by your plan attorney

  • Above and beyond the standard 30-minute attorney consultation-for complex legal matters
  • Legal representation
  • Review of contracts, agreements or other legal documents longer than 10 pages
  • Discount applied to attorney’s standard hourly rate